Books and More (backup)

Reality as an Art

Reality as an Art (print only) is an introduction to creating something so close to real magic that calling it anything else is a matter of semantics. It is a book that explores the idea of creating instant, powerful effects that are difficult to call anything but “magic” for those experiencing them as a performer, a participant, or an observer.

A Piece of My World

A participant suddenly and unexpectedly feels a wave of joy flow through them.  Explaining how and why it happens does not take away from the effect — in fact it adds to it.

Powerful, reliable, no experience required.  Video and text instruction.  Everything you need to have an engaging and enchanting tool in your toolbelt for life.

The Ant Queen

The Ant Queen was shared as a free gift by Aaron Alexander in January 2015. 

The book is a beautifully simple routine and a manifesto on engaging audiences with the real power of the human mind.  It has since been used by thousands of speakers and entertainers around the world.