Release update

I hit a hitch with this launch. It’s mostly resolved now.

  • As of Dec 27, everyone was going to get the book they ordered or better within the expected timeline. I say “or better” because I was going to surprise everyone with some new additions not mentioned anywhere.
  • I then learned that for some printers, the new file didn’t arrive in time, which meant that some people would get the version without the new chapters. I have gone back and forth with tech support and was able to find some solutions
  • I decided to delay shipping some of the books one week in order to switch these files.

People with orders #255-561 had the wrong file uploaded. Check your confirmation email to see if that is you.

If so, then your book will be delayed by about a week over the expected timeline.

Version Differences

There is still a small chance that your older version slipped through when I cancelled them. There is a version number on the bottom-right of the inside title page. If you have version 1.31, you have the version I had intended. If you have an earlier version, your version is different as outlined below.

Differences between versions:

The main difference is the order of chapters, one new chapter (arguably two). And also the back cover.

  • Chapter Order: This is the main difference, especially for new readers. There is a chapter called Pushed, which talks about some of the wider real-world implications of what we are doing in the book. I felt this should come later in the book because I had not introduced anything but the invisible rope. So a new version, I moved it to the end of the book.
  • New Chapters: When I moved Pushed to the end, I added a chapter with some thoughts on part two of the book. I also added some commentary to Powerless that I really enjoyed. Both of those chapters are missing from versions before 1.31.
  • Back cover: I decided to take the long-running inside joke off the back of the book. There are just too many new readers for it to make sense.
    It explains a bit more in the book, but in brief ever since the first edition where I had to send the book to various shady printers to see how to get it made, I always made the book sound terrible from the outside so nobody would read it. Over time, I kept making the book sound more and more terrible on the outside which became a running joke with quite a few people. In this version, there were so many new readers that I decided to take the joke out. But that was in version 1.31.
    So now a lot of you get a version of the book with the back cover introducing the author as delusional and possibly kidnapped by a wealthy cat lady.