This is a page to get updates on the December 2022 release of Reality as an Art.

The promise is to have all of the orders into the printer by December 31 so that they will ship within the first week of January. I’m going to try to do this a bit early to make everything smoother.

Update (Dec 31): I had the orders in by Dec 27 but discovered an issue on some. So I recalled them and am re-ordering. This means that there will be a week’s delay for orders #255-561. Your confirmation email has your order number. See this page for full details.

Contact me:

  • Right away if you need desperately need a tracking number to receive your order. I’ll put you at the front of my list when I send those out.
  • Jan 9 if you want a tracking number and haven’t gotten it yet.
  • Jan 19 if you haven’t received a book (US, UK, Europe, Canada)
  • Jan 26 if you haven’t received a book (Anywhere else)
  • Add one week to the above timeline if you have order #255-561.


These are some general timelines from my experience with the printer to contextualize the updates below.

  • Printing: 3-5 business days.
  • Shipping
    • 1-2 weeks US, Canada, Western Europe, UK
    • 2-3 weeks most other places.


  • Jan 19. ~97% of books have shipped. Tracking codes sent.
  • Jan 17. ~90% of books have shipped. Tracking codes sent.
  • Jan 12. ~60% of books are on route or received.
  • Jan 11. 45% of books on route or received. All are expected to be on route by week’s end.
  • Jan 9. All re-orders are done, 30% of books shipped, ~10% received.
  • Jan 4. I hired someone to work through my giant list of re-orders. He started today.
  • Jan 3. Got my list of re-orders confirmed from the printers.
  • Jan 1. ~20% shipped. Printer opens Tuesday, so more will begin to ship then.
  • Dec 31. 15% shipped. The printer confirmed that because they are closed for the holidays, I cannot fix the orders until Tuesday.
  • Dec 30. 4% of orders shipped. I am still waiting for confirmation from the printer that I need to re-order some copies manually. You might have up to a week delay if you have order #255-561. Check your confirmation email.
  • Dec 29. I heard back from the printers. Only 5ish of the old version went out before they were able to cancel the orders. I am planning on re-ordering on Dec 30-31. So we are still on schedule, and about half of the orders are unaffected.
  • Dec 28. I’ve had a problem, I have a solution. See this page for details. In brief, some people might get a version of the book that does not have a chapter I added last-minute. This was a surprise addition, though, so worst case scenario you are still getting the book you ordered, just not the book I planned to deliver.
    I’m taking a couple days to sort this, since I was set to finish on the 27th instead of the 31st as planned, we are still on schedule.
  • Dec 27. Pausing shipping of remaining copies for a possible printing issue. Looking into it.
  • Dec 27. First books are beginning to ship out from the printing place.
  • Dec 26-27. Ordering the rest of the books.
  • Dec 22-23. First copies ordered for community members who ordered mid-December.
  • Dec 22. Surprise last-minute additions to manuscript.
  • Dec 16-18. Book launch announced.
  • Nov 11. More proof copies reviewed by other people.
  • Nov 4. Proof copy reviewed.