Past Versions FAQ

I want people who have supported my work in the past to get more value for less money as you keep coming back. If you have a version below and decide you want to buy the new version, send me an email at and I will give you a personal discount code based on what version you have. Here’s some info to help you decide whether you might want to upgrade:

Physical versions

If you bought the book in 2014-2015 directly from me, you have the original. The new version has tips commentary on the pragmatics of the demonstrations and processes. If you use the material regularly or are just curious to know some of the evolution of it, I’d say definitely go for it. Anyone who didn’t resonate with the ideas/philosophy/demos of the first one will probably not be swayed by the new content. Have a look at the full contents to make up your mind.

A handful of people bought an interim version from 2018 on that I made to sell at workshops and courses. If you are one of a small number of people with one of those, just contact me and tell me your version number (title page, lower-right) and I’ll tell you exactly what you’re missing.

I have a record of everyone who bought the original directly from me, and I’ll make the new one as cheap as I can for you. You took a risk on me and I want that to keep paying off, whether to update your own knowledge or as a gift for someone else.

Digital versions

I have never sold a digital version of Pygmalion Effects or Reality as an Art. Any digital version of the book has been pirated.*

You might have bought one of these in good faith. Or you might have gotten one knowing it’s probably not legit, then fell in love with the material.

We all come to things we love in different ways, the important thing is that you’re here now. So if you have a bootleg copy and want a real (and updated!) book, this is where you get it. If you send me a receipt of a purchase, I can even discount you some or all of what you spent.**

In December 2022, however, I’m giving a discount to everyone who has been waiting for a copy. Only email me about a discount if you miss that sale and you bought your bootleg version before December 2022.

It’s easy to end up in one of those stores. I spend time writing while they spend time on SEO and making their stores look nicer than mine. It’s a cost of sharing ideas in the digital age, which has its perks as well.

*And is probably not the correct version. I’ve had several of these sent to me over the years, and I still haven’t come across one that was a final version of Pygmalion Effects (and of course prior to Dec 2022 release RAA can’t be pirated except by Time Bandits).

**But seriously, get a new credit card ASAP, those places can be sketchy. The product usually isn’t the book, it’s your info/credit card.**
(My apologies to any honor-among-thieves pirates, you are sadly the minority.)