Payments, Shipping, Refunds

I am very not Amazon and so I rely on keeping logistics really simple and straightforward. Here’s how that breaks down:


I accept credit card, PayPal, or cash-in-hand. If for some reason you don’t see more payment options, just add the item you’d like to buy to your cart, go to checkout, and you should see more options. I am not yet sure why this happens to some people, and I will try to sort it out soon.


Some of my books have a future release date. If you buy a book that is not out yet, I will charge your order only when I have the book and am sending it to you. So you buy it just as you would a regular book, it goes into my queue, and I “accept” that order once the book is on its way.


Shipping is flat-rate $10. Orders are shipped with the lowest-cost trackable option. Expect 1-3 weeks for delivery.

If there’s a mistake on your end (ie. wrong address and it’s not delivered–we’ve all done it), I can replace it if you will just pay for the base cost. If there is a mistake on my end, I’ll of course pay the replacement costs.

This works well with 99% of people. If you need something else for some reason, send me an email first and I can give you other shipping options.


Books/Printed Work

There are no refunds or returns on books. If your books are seriously damaged or defective when they arrive, send me an email with your order number and a photo+description of damage, and I will promptly replace it. The most convenient way is to just reply to your order confirmation email, and I’ll have all the info I need to replace the order.

Online content/courses

I’m currently hosting all of my courses on, with a generous refund policy.

Growing Pains

This is a new setup for me as of Nov 2022. There may be a few hiccups along the way. If there is any issue with an order, please contact me right away at or and I will help sort it out ASAP.