Psychic Surgery by Aaron Alexander

Psychic surgery shows you how to play a strange game with somebody in which they suddenly experience impossible things.

You can find it on Ellusionist here.

PS is a routine that is originally from my book Reality as an Art, which I am re-releasing in December 2022. I did not plan to release these at the same time, but it is probably for the best.

This is the first time I’ve shared something through a major publisher. I am creating this page so that people who are new to my material can see some of the background and know that it’s not just hype.

In short, it is exactly what it looks like, and it is also way more than what it looks like. It is a really simple routine that I based on tools and principles that originally came from study into the psychology of ritual. You can read a bit more about that here.

For the last 15 years, I’ve use these to demonstrate our human superpowers to people all over the world. The PS routine looks smooth as butter on the surface, but underneath there is a hidden structure to turn the impossible for them into the reliable for you.

I love this routine. I have been doing this routine for nearly 15 years. It really does look like you are At first playing A silly kids game, and then quickly looks like you are doing some crazy voodoo wizard shit.

I will keep this page open in case there are questions that need answering or any updates on the project.

Psychic Surgery: Then and now.