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Reality as an Art (print only) is an introduction to creating something so close to real magic that calling it anything else is a matter of semantics. It is a book that explores the idea of creating instant, powerful demonstrations that people naturally call “magical” whether they are experiencing them as an audience, a participant or an artist/performer.

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It might be a book about how to do real magic. Or it might be something better.

Reality as an Art shares an entire framework for creating phenomena that feel like miracles, but which are neither supernatural nor dishonest. Instead, they both leverage and demonstrate the amazing human power to build and bend our experience of reality.

The ideas and demonstrations from Reality as an Art have been adopted by thousands of performers, practitioners and artists who have in turn used it to share joy and wonder to with millions around the world.

I shared the first version of Pygmalion Effects: Reality as an Art in 2014.  I learned a lot over the following years as I continued to develop the ideas from the book and saw others adapting the methods to their contexts. The book has become near impossible to find and requests have been growing as art an performing spaces open post-pandemic, so I have decided to finally release a new version called simply Reality as an Art.

These are ideas and methods that I have not only used on stage, but that I have used consistently in demonstrations for medical professionals, neuroscientists, psychologists, card-carrying skeptics, drunk people, strangers, friends, family, people from different languages and cultures – pretty much any group imaginable. Being able to share these experiences has changed my life, and reminded me daily of the hidden beauty and potential in the world around us, inside us, and between us.

There is endless hype out there. As much as possible, I want this book to go to people who are getting what they expect and will use what they get.  So here is a little too much information about it:

Here is an in-depth reply to the question: What is Reality as an Art?

Here is a summary of the demonstrations in the book with video

Here is a line-by-line description of the book contents

Here are some excerpts of chapters in the book

Bought a past version of Reality as an Art, and wondering about the new material? GO HERE!!

Who is this guy, anyway? This is a very new site (Dec 2022) and I am still putting it together. You can learn a bit more about me and my other projects on my POWA author profile.

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